2020-2021 NACDEP Committees, Chairs & Responsibilities

  • Resolutions & Policy – Susan Kelly, Chair ([email protected])

    The Committee on Resolutions and Policy shall annually review existing policy statements and present any new policy statements for consideration at the Annual Meeting.
  • Finance – Daniel Eades, Chair ([email protected])

    The Finance Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the NACDEP Board on financial matters and will conduct annual internal reviews of the financial records.
  • Nominations – Susan Kelly, Chair ([email protected])

    The Nominations Committee is responsible for identifying nominees for election to NACDEP office.
  • Communications – Jamie Menon, Co-Chair ([email protected]) and Jan Steen, Co-Chair ([email protected])

    The Communications Committee is responsible for guiding communications with the NACDEP membership and outside the association including the website, Social Media pages, NACDEP newsletter, Listservs, and other means of information sharing.
  • 2021 Conference – Katie Hoffman, ([email protected]) and Melinda Grismer ([email protected]

    The Annual Conference Planning Committee is responsible for all aspects of the planning, implementation, and evaluation of the annual conference.
  • Member Services – Michael Dougherty, Chair (michael.dou[email protected])

    Member Services is charged with keeping the organization responsive to its members, both in terms of organizational focus and products delivered to members and in terms of customer service on a day-to-day basis.
  • Recognition – Rachel Welborn and Carroll Welte, Co-Chairs, ([email protected]) ([email protected])

    The Recognition Committee is responsible for overseeing the process for identifying NACDEP members at the regional and national levels for outstanding outreach, scholarship, and service to NACDEP.
  • Marketing – Rebekka Dudensing, Chair ([email protected])
    Marketing is responsible for communicating the value of NACDEP in order to grow membership and gain visibility in and outside of Extension.
  • Development – Notie Lansford, Chair. ([email protected])

    The Development Committee will recommend policy to the Executive Committee on all matters related to development, including strategies for raising funds with the primary goal of advancing the Association through an endowment for sustainability, sponsorships for visibility and connectivity, and providing scholarships for accessibility.