NACDEP Member Spotlight - July


Lisa Chase: ANREP/NACDEP Conference Value; What are your thoughts?

“For many of us, the annual conference provides a shot of fresh ideas and inspiration,” says Lisa Chase, University of Vermont Extension.  “I always leave the NACDEP conference fired up about implementing new programs and strengthening collaborations with colleagues around the country.”  At this joint conference with ANREP, participants will be gathering resources and partnerships from two different Extension communities with many overlapping areas.

“In Vermont, as in many other states, sustainable community development relies on sustainable natural resource management.  The two are inextricably linked in our work to build vibrant communities,” Lisa wrote.  She is a Natural Resources Specialist and Director of the Vermont Tourism Research Center at UVM and is a member of both NACDEP and ANREP.   Her work with agritourism integrates community development, land stewardship and food systems, three areas she is passionate about.

Lisa stepped into a leadership position by volunteering for the Burlington Conference Committee. “We need to definitely answer the question: Is the NACDEP conference is a worthy investment in the future of Extension professionals? I believe that it is, which is why I am honored to be one of the conference co-chairs,” she said.

As part of the conference’s strategic plan, the conference committee is reaching out to survey participants both during, after and six months following.  They are looking to secure and document the beneficial impacts for program improvements as a result of participating in the ANREP/NACDEP conference.   This information will provide NACDEP and ANREP with valuable data to show what and how much the public benefits by this national convention.  Be looking for those important questionnaires and return your answers to the conference committee!

“Extension is a public good and should be funded as such,” said Lisa.  She would like to see expanded funding support from the USDA and other government sources.  Extension educates communities and businesses about subjects they may not be aware of or it may negatively impact their bottom line.  However she states, “Extension has the trust and relationships to ensure that plans are developed and followed.  The results – clean water and safe food – benefit all of us.”

In Lisa’s time away from her work, she enjoys food, kayaking, ethnic food, bicycling, tradition rich food, hiking, food, triathlons, and food.  “I need to stay active because I enjoy food so much,” she exclaimed.  And she is always on the lookout for a new adventure to bring more positive qualities to her life, family and community.

“Our work it critical for cultivating healthy communities,” Lisa said.  When you see her at the conference, be sure to thank her for her time and expertise to make this conference a benefit to Extension Professionals.   We’re looking forward to seeing and hearing how your community will benefit from the lessons learned and collaborations made at the 2016 ANREP/NACDEP Joint National Conference.

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