NACDEP Member Spotlight - March


Kelly Nix is Eager and Dedicated to Move into NACDEP’s President Position


Kelly Nix will be filling very big shoes when she steps into NACDEP’s President position in June 2016 at the National Conference. “Our current president, Stacey, is extremely organized and plugged in,” Kelly said. “She has a great gift to connect organizations and people and is professional and diplomatic in her approach.” Past leadership has been strong throughout the NACDEP organization. “I think our organization used to be considered the youngest and smallest within JCEP and now we are one of the strongest,” said Kelly. Looking forward, Kelly will dedicate herself to providing the leadership necessary to help the organization continue its forward momentum.

Kelly described the remarkable work NACDEP leadership has accomplished over the past few years. NACDEP has gained national recognition and momentum by their participation in Galaxy and JCEP. By formalizing and implementing the State Chapter Model, NACDEP has committed another avenue for membership engagement. The establishment of an endowment fund will create an ongoing source of income.

NACDEP provides Community Development Extension Professionals with opportunities to grow professionally through networking and information sharing. “I have personally benefitted from the networking in many ways. I have met many people who have shared programs, resources and advice that has been instrumental in helping me develop and grow, “Kelly said.

Kelly is an Associate Professor and Leadership Specialist at West Virginia University Extension Service. She leads the West Virginia Statewide Community Leadership Academy and works with a wide variety of groups and organizations on topics such as strategic planning, facilitation and board development. She also teaches a leadership course on WVU campus. Kelly remarked she loves working with her WVU CRD team and facilitating community and statewide groups.

Kelly is a big fan of Gallup’s Strengths Finder and has studied the philosophy over time. Her top five strengths are Consistency, Woo (Win Others Over), Discipline, Developer and Communication. “Balance is important to me and I want to be respectful of others need for balance.” Her extracurricular activities include instructing Hot Power Yoga and anything outdoors such as biking, skiing and hiking.
Her friends and coworkers describe her as positive, organized and energetic. She enjoys the challenge of meeting new people and in her mind, there are no strangers, only friends and colleagues she hasn’t met yet. “I see the potential in others and get a charge out of helping them develop and grow, “she said. NACDEP and its members will benefit from her positivity and engagement capacity from the President’s seat.

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