Newsletter December 2016
NACDEP Newsletter December Edition

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  1. President's Column

  2. Awards

  3. JCEP Update

  4. Endowment for Sustainability Campaign
  5. BR&E Update
  6. Call for Proposals
  7. Global Definition of Community Development
  8. We've Summited Our First Peak
  9. 2017 Scholarship Application


We have summited our first peak!

Submitted by Trudy Rice

The Community Development Society (CDS) and the National Association of Community Development Extension Professionals (NACDEP) received a record number of proposals for refereed presentations and posters relating to community development! Well done! Clap, clap!!

The reviewers face a daunting challenge to choose the best of the best; and for those of you who have submitted, notifications will be sent out by January 15.

The sheer number of entries can only mean a great conference ahead, so start packing and planning to come to Big Sky, Montana and learn from your colleagues and network with friends.

There is more to come!  Watch for the invitation for pre-conference workshops and Ignite presentations to come out soon!  And, as always, there will be plenty of opportunities to volunteer to assist with all workshops at the conference by being session hosts and introducing speakers.

The conference will be held at Big Sky Resort in Big Sky, Montana. Lodging reservations can be made by calling (800) 548-4486. Reference "CDS-NACDEP" to receive discounted rates. A deposit is required at the time of reservation.


2017 Scholarship Application Form

This year there are 2 $500 scholarships available.  Priority will be given to NACDEP members that have been active in the association which meet the following criteria:

  • Presenter/applicant at the 2017 NACDEP conference
  • Prior involvement on committees
  • First time attendee at a NACDEP national conference
  • Limitation of funds for travel to professional meetings has hindered participation in past conferences.

Note: This professional scholarship is non-transferable and has no cash value to the recipient in the event of cancellation of participation in the conference.

Application Deadline:
Applications should be submitted to Ricky Atkins, Association Manager, NACDEP [email protected]  
Applications are due February 28, 2017.

For more information, contact: Peggy Schlechter, NACDEP Member Service Committee Chair, [email protected], 605-394-1722.

 Click Here to Apply



NACDEP Colleagues: 

Greetings.  So the year 2016 is coming to a close, and what a year it has been for NACDEP and all our members.  As editor of the newsletter, I want to give a shout out to all of you who have submitted items over the past year.  Our newsletter is a great tool for us because of what YOU make of it.  I just want to say that it is a real privilege for me to be a part of it.


Thomas W. Blaine, PhD
Newsletter Editor

Letter from the President

As the year 2016 begins to come to a close, NACDEP is moving full steam ahead!  But before I go there, I would like to reflect on the leadership that make up this outstanding organization and thank them for their service.

And finally, I want to thank Ricky and Jody Atkins, NACDEP's Association Managers for keeping us on track and moving forward!

Shortly after I became your President, I put out a charge to NACDEP volunteer leaders to assist in developing position "playbooks" so that existing leaders (board members, committee chairs and liaisons) have a guide to follow and are working cohesively.  These "playbooks" will also serve as a helpful guide for individuals interested in leadership roles with NACDEP in the future.  My goal is to have those finalized early 2017 and placed in Policy and Procedures.      

Elections for 2016-2017 Board of Directors are now being held. Please vote today if you haven't already done so.   Ballot information was emailed to current NACDEP members on November 17. If you did not receive your email, please contact NACDEP's association manager at [email protected]. Voting ends December 16 so cast your ballot today!

Big Skies:  Bold Partnerships Moving Mountains Together!  Having been involved in the planning of the next CDS/NACDEP joint conference that will be held on June 11-14, 2017 located in Big, Sky, Montana, I can honestly say it is shaping up to be one of the best conferences to date.  I hope you have marked your calendar and are making plans to attend. 

In closing, please consider making the most out of your membership.  If you are interested in volunteering on a committee, I would be happy to help make this happen.  Regardless, please consider getting involved in your region and state NACDEP activities. If there's anything I can do to support you in this process, please don't hesitate to give me a shout or email.

Cheers to a great holiday season!

Kelly Nix

NACDEP President


It is the time of year that (almost) everyone has something on their minds. ... I am of course talking about NACDEP Awards.
The formal call for awards will go out the first few days of 2017.  The categories for awards and materials required for awards submissions have not changed.  So the process of putting together a packet should be fairly familiar to those seeking to honor the work of NACDEP members.
There have been a couple of procedural changes. First of all, national-level or multi-state programs will no longer have to identify a region in order to submit for awards consideration.   This change was made because there have been several large-scale efforts in recent years that have been unsure which region they should list (or whether they should list a region).  Under this rule, programs entered for "national only" consideration are not eligible for regional awards but will can win national NACDEP recognition.

Second, programs and projects can now only be entered in one category. There have been some incidents recently where the same activity has won multiple awards. This change was made in In order for more efforts to be honored. If it determined that a project has been entered in more than one category, the person submitting the application will be contacted and asked which under which category the application should be submitted.

So start thinking now - and watch for the call for awards announcement in just a few weeks. So make it a New Year's Resolution to submit for a NACDEP award.  

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me - Michael Dougherty, the NACDEP Recognition Committee Chair - at [email protected]

JCEP Update

Registration for the 2017 JCEP Leadership Conference is NOW OPEN. It will be held February 8-9, 2017 in Orlando.  The theme for the conference is "Emerging Leadership for Tomorrow's Extension."

Kathy Tweeten, president elect of ESP, has been selected to fill JCEP's vacant president elect position. Kathy was NACDEP's first president and one of our founders. Please join us in congratulating her in this new endeavor.

NACDEP's past president, Stacey McCullough, attended the National Association of Extension Program Staff Development Professionals (NAEPSDP) annual conference at Big Cedar Lodge in Missouri December 5-8. Although her "assignment" at the conference was to educate attendees about JCEP, it also provided an opportunity to learn from our colleagues in other disciplines and explore opportunities for collaboration.

NAEPSDP's outgoing past president, Judith Barth, has been appointed as JCEP's representative to the ECOP Budget and Legislative Committee. This is a three year appointment.

2016-2017 committee assignments have been made. NACDEP's board representatives are serving in these roles: Trudy Rice - finance; Kelly Nix - leadership conference, marketing, and action steps for strategic plan; Stacey McCullough - policy (chair), election, and awards.

For more information about JCEP, visit

NACDEP Endowment for Sustainability Campaign

To help ensure a strong future for NACDEP and Community Development programming, please consider donating today!

NACDEP is raising funds with the primary goal of advancing the Association through an endowment for sustainability, sponsorships for visibility and connectivity, and providing scholarships for accessibility.

The NACDEP Board has earmarked $8,000 in matching funds to help NACDEP reach its initial goal of raising $25,000 towards the NACDEP Endowment. This means that your donation will be doubled, dollar for dollar, until the matching funds are exhausted.

Why give to the NACDEP Endowment?

  • Support the mission of NACDEP
  • Create a sustainable means of supporting scholarships.
  • Honor of a co-worker, friend, family member, or colleague.
  • As the Endowment grows, NACDEP's capacity to support targeted efforts such as awards, professional development, and marketing in perpetuity to provide assistance year after year.

Endowment Donor Levels

$500 +             (Collaborator)
$251 - $500     (Partner)
$101 - $250     (Coordinator)
$51 - $100       (Cooperator)
$50 and under (Networker)

Contact the Development Committee Co-chairs to learn more about the NACDEP Endowment and how to play and active role in supporting NACDEP's mission.

Melissa Bond
Extension Fine Arts Program Leader
Extension Specialist, CEDIK
University of Kentucky
Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky
404 Charles E. Barnhart Bldg.
Lexington, KY 40546-0276
Phone: 606-304-9944
Fax: 859-323-1913
E-mail: [email protected]

Michael D. Wilcox, Jr., PhD
Assistant Program Leader / Community Development / Purdue Extension
Senior Associate / Purdue Center for Regional Development
Adjunct Assistant Professor / Department of Agricultural Economics / University of Kentucky
1341 Northwestern Avenue
Schowe House
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47906
Phone: 865-696-2267
Email: [email protected]

BR&E Update

Submitted by Michael Darger

The 2017 BR&E courses from the University of Minnesota Extension are now open for registration.  We have two course options in 2017: online and face-to-face.  Online courses are happening in the spring and fall.  It's all setup to be convenient for learning when it works for you.  For more information or to register .  

For those who prefer traditional face-to-face classes, we have one scheduled for January 31st-February 2nd on the St. Paul campus.  If you like winter (or need to improve your winter attitude), then check out The Great Northern festival which is happening at that time in St. Paul and Minneapolis.  We promise to get you out of class early enough to go have some winter fun.  Or find an indoor activity or .  

All of these offerings are open to individuals or teams (special price).  We invite you and your colleagues to join us.  Thanks for your referrals.

Optional certification is available for students from Business Retention and Expansion International (BREI) for $75, which includes both the certification AND a membership in BREI.

Call for Proposals

2017 CDS/NACDEP Joint Conference
Call For:
Pre-Conference and Ignite Sessions
Due January 15th, 2017

We are extremely excited for the upcoming June, 2017 joint conference, "Big Skies, Bold Partnerships: Moving Mountains Together" in Big Sky, MT.  We are elated to say that we received over 250 proposals for conference sessions and posters!

As we look ahead, we are seeking proposals for both our pre-conference workshops and Ignite sessions.

Pre-conference Workshops: On Sunday June 11, 2017 - we will be hosting 4-6 pre-conference workshops. Each workshop will be scheduled for a half day or a full day (2.5 hours or 5 hours). Pre-conference workshops should be highly engaging and can cover a variety of topics related to the Field of Community Development.

Ignite Sessions: On Wednesday June 14, 2017 - we will be highlighting Ignite sessions. An Ignite session is a method of sharing an inspiring and exciting story in 5 minutes using 20 Power Point slides, advancing automatically every 15 seconds. This is a great opportunity to share a story about a successful project, a rewarding initiative, changes that are happening because of your work. Show us what are you doing that is building a future for your community. What "Bold Partnerships" have you established? The audience will be voting for the People's Choice award during the session.

For more information regarding Ignite formatting please click below:

Proposal Formats:

Pre-Conference Workshops:

All pre-conference workshop and Ignite session proposals should be completed as a Word.docx file and sent via email to:
Trudy Rice - President Elect NACDEP
Email: [email protected]

For pre-conference workshops please provide the following in 500 words or less:

Workshop Summary and Rationale:
  • Provide a rationale as to why your proposed workshop is timely and relevant to the conference theme, profession, and conference attendees.
Expected Outcomes (2-3):
  • Provide a summary outlining what you hope to accomplish as a result of your workshop.
Audience Capacity:
  • How many participants can attend your workshop while still making it meaningful.
Cost of the Workshop:
  • Are there costs associated with your workshop. If so, please provide a summarized budget.
Teaching Style:
  • What tools and methods will you be using.  Will this be an interactive session.
Ignite Sessions:

For Ignite sessions please provide the following (200 words):
  • What is your topic/title.
  • How does it relate to the conference theme.
  • What message do you want to leave with the audience.

Should NACDEP Adopt The Global Definition of Community Development

Submitted by Rebekka Dudensing and Michael Darger

NACDEP members will soon have the opportunity to vote whether to adopt this global definition of community development:

"Community development is a practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes participative democracy, sustainable development, rights, equality, economic opportunity and social justice, through the organization, education and empowerment of people within their communities, whether these be of locality, identity or interest, in urban and rural settings."

This definition was adopted in 2016 by both the International Association for Community Development (IACD) and the Community Development Society (CDS).  In the spirit of enhancing awareness and appreciation of our profession, these organizations have challenged other professionals and organizations to create unity by adopting the definition.

NACDEP members' use of a common definition would demonstrate our competencies to clients, funders, and partners.  Our professional association can better advocate for our work if we can define it.  Signing on to a global definition would signal that Extension professionals and NACDEP are part of a broader network studying, promoting, and facilitating community development.

Many of you came to a lively and frank discussion of possible definitions at the 2016 NACDEP conference in Burlington.   Then a sub-committee of the Marketing Committee worked to incorporate member feedback into a revised definition. Simultaneously, other community development organizations adopted the definition shown above. 

The Committee and the NACDEP Board believe the IACD & CDS definition accurately reflects Extension professionals' understanding of community development.  However, they recommend following the definition with this statement (created by Kenny Sherin and Richard Proffer) to describe Extension professionals' role in community development:

 "Community Resources Extension Professionals work WITH communities to support development activities and to encourage broad participation, resulting in community and/or economic improvement as defined by the community."

Defining community development is an important step in a longer NACDEP process of showcasing and promoting the work of community development Extension professionals.  The effort began at the 2013 Galaxy conference with sessions on Branding Community Development Extension and Issues Facing Community Development Extension.  The Marketing Committee was created that year. One of the Marketing Committee's first efforts was to craft the vision and values statements approved by the board in 2015 (  The values capture examples of the types of work NACDEP members do, and the values will be further explained using videos from selected 2017 conference presentations.

Members will have an opportunity to learn more about these proposed definitions from their regional reps via regional newsletters and webinars.  The official membership vote will be scheduled after all the webinars are complete and before the annual conference next June.


NACDEP | 140 Island Way,Suite 316, Clearwater, FL.
561-477-8100  [email protected]