Organizational Info and Leadership 

The Land Use Planning Community of Practice (CoP) Board of Directors meets monthly, virtually, to provide leadership for the national organization. The board is structured as follows:

  • One board member from each Cooperative Extension Rural Development Region (four)

  • Five at large board members

  • An Executive Committee comprised of the board: Chair, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer

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Land Use Planning CoP Board – As of June 2022 Annual Meeting

Executive Committee (one year appointments)

Chair - Brad Neumann AICP, Michigan State University Extension, [email protected]
Vice Chair - Jake Powell, Utah State Extension, [email protected]
Past Chair - Melissa Hamilton, University of Idaho Extension, [email protected]
Secretary - Peter Wulfhorst AICP, Penn State University Extension [email protected]
Treasurer - Kara Salazar, Purdue University Extension [email protected]

American Citizen Planner contact - Kara Salazar, Purdue University Extension,[email protected]

Regional Representatives (three year terms)

East - Michael Dougherty, West Virginia University Extension (through 2026)
West - Melissa Hamilton, University of Idaho Extension (through 2024)
South – Deborah McGiffin – NC State Extension - [email protected] (through 2024)
North Central - Kara Salazar, Purdue University Extension (through 2025)

At Large Representatives (three year terms)

Myra Moss, Ohio State University Extension (through 2026)
Anna Haines, University of Wisconsin (through 2024)
Brad Neumann, Michigan State University Extension (through 2024)
Jake Powell, Utah State University Extension (through 2025)
Peter Wulfhorst AICP, Penn State University Extension (through 2025)