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NACDEP Newsletter December Edition

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NACDEP Colleagues:

Greetings and welcome to the December 2017 edition of the NACDEP newsletter.  As the year comes to a close, we have a lot of information for your perusal in the current edition.  I want to extend special thanks to all of you as colleagues for making the newsletter such a successful part of our organization.  The communication we have via this medium has proven invaluable as we plan and organize events and activities associated with our mission of community development. 

As we look forward to 2018, I hope that each of you will consider contributing to the newsletter in the coming year.  Share with us your efforts, successes and challenges.  We can all learn a lot from each other.  Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season.


Thomas W. Blaine, PhD
Newsletter Editor


Letter from the President

Submitted by Trudy M. Rice

A Season of Remembering and Giving!

As we enter this season of remembering and giving I want to challenge each of you as Extension Professionals to reflect on what NACDEP has given to you and how you might give back to NACDEP.

As I contemplate what NACDEP has given to me it includes:

  • Connection to other Extension Professionals from across the country
  • Strong friendships with many of these Extension Professionals
  • Opportunities to elevate Community Development programming as part of Cooperative Extension
  • Recognition for innovative and effective programming efforts
  • Ideas and resources for new programming efforts to meet emerging needs
  • Energy to continue this important work of improving the places where people live, work, and play

Now, how can we give back to NACDEP?

  • Re-new your membership for 2018 Renew Now!
  • Invite your colleagues to join
  • Volunteer to serve in a leadership capacity
  • Consider donating to the NACDEP Endowment Fund as part of your end of the year giving or to honor a friend or colleague
  • Make plans now to attend and present at the 2018 NACDEP conference "Communities That Rock" in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Consider applying for recognition of your outstanding programs
  • Finally, just be there to support your Cooperative Extension Community Development colleagues from across the country through our professional organization NACDEP

So, my friends, take time during this season to remember family, friends and your professional association!

Another reason to attend #nacdep18

Submitted by Greg Davis and David Civittolo, Conference Co-Chairs

We are getting more excited every day about the 2018 NACDEP Conference in Cleveland. The venue, speakers and mobile learning workshops promise to inspire. And in the midst of planning, we continue to uncover neat things about our host city, most recently that Cleveland has been named as one of the 'Best of the World' by the National Geographic Traveler Magazine! Read more about that here:

You can now submit your poster and presentation proposals through the fast track system (same as last year) and keep up to date via the #nacdep2018 website  Registration information and specific details on a variety of mobile learning workshops will be posted there soon.  Check out a snapshot of what we're working below.



Proposals For NACDEP 2020 Annual Conference in the Northeast Region are Being Accepted

Submitted by Kelly Nix, Past President

Each year NACDEP reaches out to a region (based on our historic rotation) to seek applicants for the opportunity to host our national conference.  Our 2020 conference will be held in the Northeast Region

All forms and supplemental information must be submitted to Kelly Nix, Past President, NACDEP, via e-mail to [email protected]. Submissions of applications should be made by January 31, 2018 for full consideration. Multi-state applications are welcome.

To apply, download and complete an application.

Awards Update

Submitted By Michael Dougherty

As another year nears its end, it is time to start thinking about NACDEP awards for 2017.

The awards nomination process will "go live" in mid-January.  Members will have until the end of February to nominate individuals and teams for honors. The on-line process for nominating potential honorees remains the same as last year.

Listed below are the awards categories (which are also the same as last year).  (All awards are individual and team unless noted.).

The Diversity Award recognizes members who have developed an outstanding effort or program that ensures meaningful diversity and inclusiveness.  In 2017, Sandra Barrera of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension received the individual award for the Latino Small Business Program. The team winner was the Farmworkers Health and Safety Comprehensive Program of North Carolina State University's Community and Rural Development.

The Educational Technology Award honors members for their use of technology in delivering, managing, expanding, or promoting community development work. In 2017, the individual winner was Brian Raison of Ohio State University Extension for a Virtual Farm Market Pilot. The team winner was 2016 Ballot Issues Education from the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

The Educational Materials Award recognizes members who have who have developed outstanding materials that educate through credible, accurate, concise information. In 2017, the individual winner was Brian Raison of Ohio State University Extension for Top 10 Ways to Improve Online Teaching and Learning. The team winner was INVENTURE Day from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

The Innovation and Creativity Award honors members who have developed an outstanding effort integrating innovation and creativity into a program design or implementation that demonstrates effectiveness. In 2017, the individual winner was Jim Crandall of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the Nebraska Cooperative Development Center. The team winner was E-Discovery Challenges You! which worked with the University of Kentucky.

The Excellence in Community Development Work Award recognizes members for outstanding programs in any aspect of community development work or for program accomplishments relative to scholarly and creative activities, teaching or research effectiveness that shows evidence or collaboration with others who help meet community development needs.  In 2017, the individual winner was Amanda Philyaw Perez of the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service for Arkansas Local Foods.  The team winner was Cornell University/CaRDI's Local Agriculture and Land Use Leadership Institute.

The Cross-Program Award honors members for excellence in Extension work that combines or integrates Community Resources and Economic Development activities with work in other programmatic areas. In 2017, the individual winner was Beverly Maltsberger of the University of Missouri Extension for Water Awareness Festivals. The team winner was the Local Food Program Team of North Carolina Cooperative Extension/North Carolina State University/North Carolina A&T State University.

The Excellence in Teamwork Award recognizes a team for outstanding programming or projects conducted that demonstrates effective performance and significant results (impact) at the community, region, state, or multi-state level. It is a team only award.  There was two winners last year: the Rapid Response Team Regarding Civil Discourse on Race Relations, which involved more than a dozen individuals from across the country, and the National Extension Leadership Development program from the University of Minnesota Extension Center for Community Vitality.

The NACDEP Distinguished National Service Award honors a member who is actively involved in service to NACDEP and contributed significantly to the organization for at least three (3) years. It is an individual only award. In 2017, Stacey McCullough, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension, a former NACDEP president, was honored.

The NACDEP Distinguished Career Award recognizes a member who has been actively engaged in Extension community development programs and who has served more than seven (7) years in the field. It is an individual only award. In 2017, Paul LaChapelle, Montana State University Extension, was honored for his efforts.

For more information about last year's winners, visit

To nominate someone, some team, or even yourself for an honor this year, check for updates for the 2018 form.  Awards will be presented during the annual conference in Cleveland in June.

If you have questions about the awards or the awards process, contact Michael Dougherty, the NACDEP Recognition Committee Chair, at [email protected] or 304-293-2559.


Submitted by Brent Elrod

As the deadline for submitting this NACDEP Newsletter article predates the expiration of the Continuing Resolution keeping the federal government funded and open, NIFA's doors (and phones/email) could conceivably be closed as you read this.

Be reassured, even if closed, things are never at a standstill.

As you may recall, the Regional Rural Development Centers are in the Senate version of the FY18 budget at $2Million (split between the four Centers) and the House version at $1M.  That number would need to be reconciled in any final budget deliberations.  If, however, Congress opts to use a Continuing Resolution to fund government throughout FY18, we'd operate at the FY17 level - which funded the Centers at $2M.

With some of those dollars, the Centers are actively leading a number of initiatives that may align with your interests/plans of work.  Look to the South for a broadband adoption initiative, to the West for workforce development, to the North Central for exploration of the health/economic development intersection, and to the Northeast for business innovation in rural areas.  These are singular examples drawn from the varied portfolios the Centers administer.  And while there is often overlap in those portfolios due to their concerted national collaboration, the Centers lead areas of interest regionally that help address the diverse community and economic development needs and opportunities the rural landscape provides.

Another example of their shared purpose and effort that is full steam ahead is the Small Business Innovation and Research Outreach Training and Technical Assistance initiative. Led by the Western Rural Development Center, Extension educators in 8 states, two per region: PA/WV, OH/MO, AL/FL, and NV/UT are being trained to deliver workshops targeting minority and women-owned businesses on how they can access and benefit from USDA's SBIR program.

Also still rolling, NIFA's new Enhancing Agricultural Opportunities for Military Veterans competitive grants program has Letters of Intent coming due January 11, 2018 and full proposals February 8.  However, if the government is temporarily closed, a webinar for prospective applicants currently set for Dec 13, 2017 3:00 - 4:30 PM Eastern Time would need to be rescheduled.  If we're open and good to go, interested applicants should sign on at  We'll use the phone for audio so be sure to also dial either +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656, before entering Meeting ID: 859 887 313#

So while the forecast for the federal budget process remains uncertain, the work - led by you and your colleagues - never falters nor fails.  In fact, it leads and succeeds.  By sharing the keys to success that open economic doors and pathways that might first otherwise appear locked and shut, you serve as the community's (and country's) true locksmiths.

Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development (NERCRD) Update

Submitted by Kristen Devlin                    

The Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development (NERCRD) has announced the three multi-state CD Extension Teams who were selected to receive funding through the "Impacts of Successful Extension and Outreach Programs" small-grant program. Click on the link below to read about the team members and the goal of each of the projects, which includes people from nine states located throughout various regions of the United States.


 Support NACDEP's Growing Endowment Fund

Submitted by Michael Wilcox and Stacey McCullough

Heading into the 2017 NACDEP Conference, fundraising for NACDEP's new Endowment Fund had culminated in generating $2,865 from a total of 23 donors over 18 months. NACDEP members stepped up in a big way at the 2017 conference in Big Sky contributing $3,175 in new donations including recurring payments in just 72 hours! Forty-four members have now contributed to the Endowment. These funds were matched dollar for dollar by the NACDEP Board as work to reaching our initial fundraising goal of $25,000. THANK YOU for your generous contributions!

Why give to the NACDEP Endowment? Like us, many of you have made lasting positive relationships and tapped into beneficial networks with colleagues from across the U.S. through NACDEP. You've gained professional experience, received recognition for your accomplishments, and increased your capacity to make a positive impact in your communities, state and world. The Endowment is important for ensuring that NACDEP remains strong and fulfills its mission for years to come and donations are tax deductible.

As we close out 2017 and look forward to the new year, please consider donating to this very important cause at You can make a one-time contribution or sign up for recurring payments for as little as $5 per month.

Join us in supporting NACDEP today at!

2018 National Land Grant Diversity Conference

Submitted by Brian Raison

February 15-16, 2018 - Cincinnati Airport Marriott, Hebron, KY.  "Intentional Connections: Education and Application in a World of Differences"

Do you want to expand diversity efforts and increase cultural understanding in your workplace or community? Are you looking for new diversity training options? Then don't miss this event.

The Conference is hosted by five land grant universities from Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.  It is designed for public and private university administrators, faculty, and staff; research and academic programs; K-12 educators; community leaders; health and social services professionals; employers and supervisors; human resource staff; elected officials; and all others with diversity interests.

Registration is open!(Early bird $195 special deadline is January 15.)

Pre-Conference: Join us a day early (Feb. 14) for a tour (transportation and lunch included) of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and other sites, plus a 4-course meal at the famous Hofbräuhaus. Only $65. Limited to 45 participants.

International Banquet:  Thursday evening will feature unique dishes from 4 parts of the globe.  The hotel chef's selections are a favorite every year.

Keynote Address:  Karima Samadi and the Ohio State University Kirwan Institute. Hear Karima's story (immigration, integration, and inclusion). Participate in a World Cafe discussion (personal reflection, storytelling), and civic engagement training.

Capnote Address: Jasmine Roberts, Ohio State University School of Communication, strategic communication lecturer and author of "Writing of Strategic Communication industries," an openly-licensed textbook and writing guide. Topic:  Open Education: Accessible and Affordable, Unrestricted and Open for All.

The goal of this diversity conference is to learn more about ourselves and others, to network, and to link resources to integrate diversity into programs, policies and practices for creating community well-being. We hope you'll join us!

For more information, go online or contact:

Ashley S. Holt, at [email protected] or 859-257-1637

Dr. Courtney Owens, at [email protected] or 502-597-6311

Plus over 20 breakout sessions and posters!


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