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NACDEP March Newsletter
March 2015

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  1. President's Column
  2. NACDEP Value Statement
  3. Call For NACDEP Ignite Talks
  4. Webinar Proposals
  5. An Update From JCEP

2015 Conference


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Greetings NACDEP Colleagues,

Welcome to 2015 and our first newsletter of the year.  As we all reflect on our accomplishments for 2014 and our goals for the coming year, let’s take a few moments to see what is happening in the organization by checking out the March newsletter.  The communication committee is eager to get feedback on the value statement it has developed.  We have calls for Webinar proposals and for NACDEP Ignite talks.   Plus we have an important update from President Alison Davis.  Enjoy the newsletter.

Thomas W. Blaine, PhD
NACDEP Newsletter Editor

President's Column

I trust everyone is digging their way out of the snow and getting ready for a warm and calm spring season. This has been a year of transition for NACDEP and we can happily say we have made it through and the Board is excited for future opportunities for our membership.  Our first piece of exciting news is that NACDEP has hired The Association Source (TAS) as our new Association Management firm.  TAS was selected through a competitive process and offered to take NACDEP to the next level.  Ricky Atkins is the Vice-President of TAS and will serve as our Executive Director.  So far the transition has been a relatively easy one and TAS brings a great deal of experience and knowledge to the table.
NACDEP applied for its first grant this last December.  The National Endowment for the Arts released a call for proposals for “Projects that Build Knowledge about Creative Placemaking.” NACDEP proposed coordinating a process with state and local Extension personnel to identify programs and resources that Extension, and other NGO’s are currently using for creative placemaking around the country.  Then the steering committee, comprised of Extension folks across all programs, would identify what types of curricula, publications, or programs would enhance the work so many of us are already doing in the field, regardless of programmatic background or expertise.  There would be an opportunity to fund some mini-grants to address these identified needs.  So in essence, this process would be a needs assessment around creative placemaking within Cooperative Extension and a set of work teams to identify strategies to fill the gaps.

The NACDEP Board also created a new committee dedicated to fundraising and development. After celebrating our 10th conference, it became apparent that we needed to explore ways to improve the sustainability of this relatively young Association.  I have asked Michael Wilcox from Purdue University and Melissa Bond from the University of Kentucky to co-chair this committee.  If you have an interest in innovative development strategies please contact one or both the committee chairs.  The Member Services Committee has a renewed focus on identifying ways to improve the recruitment and retention of new and existing NACDEP members.  Our upcoming conference in Little Rock will have a lot more time devoted to NACDEP orientation and networking with our peers across the country.  This was a direct response to the member survey we conducted last year as well as feedback from the Grand Rapids NACDEP conference.  We are always interested in hearing what you think works or doesn’t work so please never hesitate to contact any one of us!

Finally, I am pleased to announce the full set of election results! The new NACDEP Board members for 2015-2016 are: Josh Clements (President-Elect), Notie Lansford (Treasurer), Julie Fox (Secretary), Connie Mefford (NC Regional Rep), Roslynn Brain (Western Rep), and Adam Hodges (1890 Rep).  We will soon be saying goodbye to Michael Wilcox, Michael Darger, Mark Apel, and Kenyetta Nelson Smith.  We thank all of you for your commitment to this Association, profession, and Extension.  
Alison F. Davis, PhD
President, NACDEP

NACDEP Value Statement:

A new NACDEP value statement and list of values is in the works. We need your feedback! Comment on the Facebook page at or email Rebekka Dudensing at [email protected].

Value Statement:

Advocating community and economic development programming, while educating and recognizing Extension professionals who develop successful programs and expand resources to strengthen communities.


  • Economic and Business Development
  • Leadership Development and Civic Engagement
  • Local Government/Nonprofits and Public Decision Making
  • Land Use Planning and Housing
  • Tourism, Arts, and Creative Placemaking
  • Core Skills: Facilitation, Inclusion, Collaboration, Analysis, Evaluation, and Planning
  • Integrative work on emerging issues across Extension:
  • Environment and climate change

  • Local food systems

  • Public health and poverty

Now we need your feedback. Do you love it/hate it? What do you see that needs added/revised/dropped? Comment on “Values Statement” post on the NACDEP Facebook site or email marketing chair Rebekka Dudensing at [email protected].

We’re looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!

Call for NACDEP Ignite Talks

The NACDEP Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas will end with an energetic and inspiring Ignite session. Six to eight Ignite talks will be selected for the final 2015 NACDEP Conference Session on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 from 10:00 – 10:45 AM.
An Ignite session is a method of sharing an inspiring and exciting story in 5 minutes using 20 Power Point slides that will advance automatically every 15 seconds. This would be a great time to share a story about a successful project, a rewarding initiative, changes that are happening because of your work. The theme for the conference is “Building a Rock Solid Future”. Show us what are you doing that is building a future for your community. The audience will be voting for the People’s Choice award during the session.
Is Ignite for you? Watch this example Ignite Talk:
Complete an Online Application Here!

For more information contact:  Susan Kelly at [email protected]

 Webinar Proposals

Check out the LinkedIn site at

The focus is the Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders (SEAL) program.  Questions?  Just contact:

Eric K. Kaufman
Extension Specialist
Virginia Cooperative Extension
Phone: 540-231-6258
Email: [email protected]

An Update from JCEP

The Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP) is a partnership of our national professional Extension associations.  Our ‘bottom line’ is to strengthen the efforts of each association: doing together what we cannot accomplish individually.
JCEP just held a successful Leadership Conference.  This conference has evolved from beginning as an association leadership training to an expanded leadership training conference.  With our highest attendance ever this year at 250 attendees, the conference featured Keynote speaker David Horsager, author of ‘The Trust Edge’, speaking on ‘Leading Through Trust’, in addition to twenty leadership concurrent sessions and Association meetings/trainings.  And this year we even became an international conference with an attendee from Saudi Arabia!

Your JCEP Board had our Winter Board Meeting in advance of the conference.  Significant news from our meeting was the acceptance of a new association for JCEP membership; the National Association of Extension Program and Staff Development Professionals (NAEPSDP).  We are excited to broaden the talent and skills around the ‘JCEP table’.
Other highlights from our Board meeting include our Blue Ribbon Committee’s exploration of a focus- based, national issues conference, planning our 2016-2019 Strategic Plan, and fast forward moving plans for PILD (Public Issues Leadership Development Conference), our upcoming advocacy leadership training conference.  We hope to see many of you April 12-15 in Crystal City at PILD!

JCEP’s Value

One key benefit you have through JCEP is the presence of key partners who serve on the JCEP Board in advisory roles.  We have representatives from the Association of Public Land Grant Universities (APLU) – Lyla Houglun, Extension Director Western Extension Directors Association and L. Washington Lyons, Extension Administrator, AEA 1890’s Extension Directors; Extension Committee on Policy (ECOP) – Chuck Hibberd, Dean and Director University of Nebraska Extension; and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) – Bill Hoffman, Chief of Staff, Office of the Director, NIFA.  Additionally, Stan Moore, Senior Extension Educator, Michigan State University, represents JCEP on ECOP’s Budget and Legislative Committee.  These national leaders provide JCEP with their professional insights, as well as access to their vital networks that help move Extension forward.

To learn more about JCEP, check us out at

NACDEP | 600 Cleveland St. Ste 780, Clearwater, FL.
561-477-8100  [email protected]