Request for Proposals

We hope that you are as eager as we are to share your work and learn from colleagues when we gather in person in Idaho for our 2023 NACDEP Conference. Please consider submitting a proposal for a presentation, workshop or poster. The subject areas of Community Development that the conference will focus on include economic development, diversity and inclusion, human capacity building, community resilience and sustainability, infrastructure, natural environment, and building capacity within government and organizations. Selected proposals are peer-reviewed by other NACDEP members, ensuring they are of high quality.

Things to note about submitting this year:

  • Continued from last year! There is a FIRM deadline for submissions: Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 11:59 pm EST. The board and conference committee have agreed to hold fast to this deadline and not offer any extension. This will allow us to stay on schedule for timely reviews, acceptance, session planning, and registration. All proposals must be submitted and complete by January 18. Be sure to block off ample time between now and then to prepare your proposal submission(s).
  • In order to meet the January 18 deadline, we are allowing some additional time for submission on the front end, beginning November 16, 2022. We will send periodic reminders and notifications of the number of proposals received to date in the weeks preceding the deadline.
  • We are using Oxford Abstracts again this year to manage submissions and reviews. Submissions can be entered here:
  • You will need to create a login with Oxford Abstracts, if you do not have one yet. (Note: If you choose to login with Google or LinkedIn, any notifications about your submissions will go the email address affiliated with those accounts.) We recommend you login with your institutional email address so your submission will match your NACDEP conference registration and membership email.


    1. You may save partial submissions and edit complete or incomplete proposals up until the deadline.
    2.  Please be sure to add all authors that you would like to be included in the program since there will be no later date to do that.
    3.  Format Options:
      • 25-minute presentation (20-minute presentation; 5 minute Q&A)
      • 75-minute learning workshop
      • 3-5 hour pre-conference workshop (Sunday, April 30th, 12:00-5:00)
      • 3-5 hour post-conference workshop (Weds, May 3rd, 12:00-5:00)
      • Poster
  • This year’s conference will be fully in-person.
  • Increase your chances of success! Check out the video on submitting a successful proposal.
  • More info about the conference can be found on our website.

    Serve as a reviewer! Whether or not you submit a proposal this year, please consider serving as a peer reviewer. The window to review proposals is January 20-February 1, 2023. Each reviewer will be assigned up to 5 proposals. If you are not submitting a proposal but are willing to review, send your name and area(s) of expertise to Kris Parker at [email protected]. You will be added to the list.

Please contact Kris Parker or Patti Schmitt if you have any questions about submitting.

Thank you for playing your part to make this a great conference!

Your 2023 NACDEP Conference Session Committee,

Kris Parker, Purdue Univesity
Mary Komenas, Purdue University
Linda Seals, University of Florida
Katie McFarland, University of Idaho
Patti Schmitt, Colorado State University, [email protected]