2026 NACDEP Conference Site Selection

NACDEP is currently seeking a site for its 2026 conference. Applications are open to land-grant institutions in the North Central region. Four examples of past conference applications are available on this page, along with the current application for the 2026 NACDEP conference. Send applications to Ricky Atkins ([email protected]) and cc Past President, Crystal Tyler-Mackey ([email protected]).

2026 NACDEP Conference Site Application

Please feel free to reach out to any of the members of the 2026 NACDEP Site Selection Committee or Past Presidents/Conference Organizers for advice.

Site Selection Committee Members:

Past President, Crystal Tyler-Mackey ([email protected])

President, Michelle Eley ([email protected])

North Central Region Representative, Jan Steen ([email protected])


Past Presidents/Conference Organizers:

Nate Peterson, Southern Region Rep, 2024 Houston Chair

Rebekka Dudensing, 2023-24 past president, assisted with 2024 Houston conference

Katie McFarland, former Western Region Rep, 2023 Coeur d’Alene Chair

Melinda Grismer, 2022-23 past president, 2022 Indianapolis Chair

Examples of previous successful applications:

2018 Selection

2019 Selection

2022 Selection

2025 Selection